O' Allah..help me

by - 9:38 PM

O’ ALLAH… please help me
I don’t want to hang around with her
I don’t want to touch her
I don’t want to spend so many times with her
With useless things
I’m afraid
If I go out with her
I will commit haram things
She and I will get sin…Nauzubillah
I want this relationship get blessing from YOU
We plan to get marriage after graduation
It’s a long period
However, I feel that it’s the best for both of us
When the time arrive, I hope YOU will make it easy for us
O’ ALLAH, help me…help me…help me…
In control my desire, my self and my action
Only to YOU I pray for…help me…
Ameen…Ya Rabbal Al-amin…
sumber: iium wafa' society

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