Kejayaan dan Solat

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Salah seorang kenalan di sini baru balik for good. After 3 years struggle with two pregnancies of adorable kids, she managed to submit, viva and finished on time. She was on her own during her first pregnancy due to her husband need to complete his final year in another country. What an achievement!

I managed to have a short conversation with her. I asked her for any tips for me. Selain berusaha, dia kata perkara yang paling penting ialah keyakinan dan pergantungan kita pada Allah. She was never imagine that she could achieved anything kecuali atas kehendak dan izin Allah.
She always repeat.

'Allah yang permudahkan. Rezeki anak2 kak. Akak pun dipermudahkan nanti, inshaAllah rezeki anak Allah permudahkan urusan mak dia.' She pat my shoulder.

I don't know, but her warm hugs give me a little hope; that success could be achieved one-day inshaAllah. I am not as strong as what others may see, always deep inside my heart, I am struggling with many feelings.

'Kita kak perempuan tak sekuat lelaki. Tapi kita ada kekuatan hati yang Allah bagi.' She added.

I know I can do this InshaAllah bi idznillah. And today by chance I came into this reminder;
'If salaat is sweet to us right now our death would be sweet if we died right now. If we eagerly wait for salaat, then when death comes to us, we will eagerly wait to be released from this cage and soar to new heights. If our salaat are burden on us right now, death will be burden on us if we die right now. If salaat is painful, death will be painful.' - anonymous.

Allah menghadirkan orang2 disekeliling itu saling memberi ingatan dan mencari hikmah. buat kita membina kekuatan dalam hidup. InshaAllah :) :) in every hardship there is always an ease.

By the way, don't worry, ummi is Ok insya ALLAH :)

Gambar hari discharge hospital Ogos 2015. Yeay! Balik rumah!

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