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Selesai  berkampung dekat GradSchool anjuran uni. Awalnya, registered sebab nampak macam best untuk lari dari thesis blablabla. But subhanALLAH, it turns out to be the best course I've been so far.

Banyak benda yang ummi belajar.

Sesi pertama saja dah wow! Seperti kursus2 lain, 1st session is about getting to know others- an ice breaking session. Di GradSchool, 1st session called 'A Wonder Widget'. Awal lagi kami dah di beri group- there is a list of groups with your name in it. After the general briefing by the head team, we were asked to get to our group tutor, who's holding a plastic of recycle 'rubbish', and we have to initiate a gadget out of the 'trash'. After about 30 minutes, kumpulan kami berjaya menghasilkan an eco-friendly portable shower miniature named SUNSHOWER. Holaaa team-mates! Was proud really with out group though we haven't make it for the 1st place. Alhamdulillah. Yang sempoinya, keputusan untuk status kemenangan adalah berdasarkan sorakan penonton yang di ukur secara manual - because it is not about winning, but efforts in each and every team and team member.

Our group member holding our very own Sun Shower model. Let see if I remember- from right, Alec, Basim, Victor.
Photo by: SUGS Team 

After every group presenting their 'wonder widget' and the winning group are announced, a short lecture (5 minutes) was given on coaching and we have our very first coaching session. We have to be in paired and in 3 minutes each person have to be a coach and change to another one after 3 minutes. Being a coach was not that easy especially in listening to others problems/ issues. But the most important things to learn is how to be empathy -  you can watch here one of the best explanation about empathy and sympathy.

Yang belah kanan tu muka macam a very good listener. Cehceh :D
Photo by: SUGS Team

Okaylah, sambung keje 'writing thesis' pulak. Nanti pulak sambung cerita gradschool.

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Selasa, 511pm.

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