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Again, this is the late post. Just bare with me, as I am usually write be unsure when to post it. I will just post when I wanted to do so :D

I'm in a middle of doing preparation of fieldworks; away from home, in the library. Leaving 'Abid with nenek and atok.

'Abid di Malaysian Embassy, London, datang buat paspot nak balik Malaysia

Kadang-kadang rasa bersalah. Yes I am. But I have too, since working from home isnt work for me. Back when we were in Sheffield, I had to leave 'Abid with his abati everyday from 10am until night, just to finish the work delayed due to severe sickness during pregnancy. Now, when we in Malaysia (for my fieldworks), while abati's off to work and ummi need to do something like today, I reluctantly leaving him with grandparents.

It's been almost 3 years of my PhD study in Sheffield, alhamdulillah with various status. I'd started this journey as a single in January 2014, getting married in a middle of the way on August 2014, just before my confirmation review. For those who are not familiar with the system in UK, in our first year, we are not yet call as a PhD student until we pass our confirmation review which usually takes about 6 to 12 month after your starting period, depends on your progress and supervisors. Every candidates have been given 3 chances to stand for confirmation review, and if only you failed all three times, you will only be given as MPhil student and graduate as MPhil, or you will just simply be terminated from the university. Confirmation review is far different with proposal defense. During confirmation review which we usually call it as CR, we have to explained about our methodology and sometimes they required an ethical approval for the coming data collection that you had planned. 

I supposed I need to go now to continue doing my work. I'd promised with Emak just for few hours in library.

4th August 2016
Library AEON Station 18

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