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۱ - is for Allah, nothing but Allah
ﺐ - is the beginning of Bismillah
ﺖ - is for Taqwa - bewaring of Allah, and
ﺙ - is for Thawab - a Reward
ﺝ - is for Jannah - the Garden of Paradise
ﺡ - is for Hajj - the Blessed Pilgrimage
ﺥ - is for Khatam - the Seal of the Prophethood -
given to the Prophet Muhammad

ﺪ - is for Deen (Way of Life) -

Al-Islam ( Literally: the Surrender [to Allah] ) -

Religion with Allah since time began

ﺫ - is for Dhikr - remembering Allah, and
ﺭ - is for the month of Ramadan - Oh Ramadan
ﺯ - is for Zakah - to cure our greed, when we give our money to those in need
ﺱ - is for Salamun ‘alaikum - 'peace be with you', Wa ‘alaikumus-salam
ﺵ - is for Shams - the shining sun, which Allah placed for everyone, and
ﺹ - is for Salah - for when we pray, facing Him, everyday, facing Him, till we meet our Lord

Allah - there’s only one God and Muhammad is His Messenger
Allah - La-ilaha-illallah (there is no god but Allah)

ﺾ - is for Dhuha - the morning light, the sun has turned from red to white
ﻂ - is for Tariq - a path to walk upon, and
ﻆ - is for Zill - a shadow, and
ﻉ - is for ‘Ilm - the thing to know, to make our knowledge grow, in Islam
ﻍ - is for Ghaib - a world unseen, and that we know is not a dream, and
ﻑ - is for The Opening - Al-Fatiha, and
ﻖ - for the Qur’an - the Book of God, and
ﻚ - is for Kalimah - a word we’re taught, to teach us what is good and what is not, and
ﻞ - is for the beginning of: La-ilaha-illallah
ﻢ - is for the Messenger - Muhammadur-Rasulullah
La-ilaha-illallah, Muhammadur-Rasulullah

Allah - there’s only one God and Muhammad is His Messenger
Allah - La-ilaha-illallah

ﻦ - is for Nawm - the sleep God gave, to give us rest after the day, and
ﻫ - is for the Hijrah - the Journey that the Prophet made, and
ﻮ - for Wudu' (ablution) - before we pray, to help us wash our sins away, and
ﻱ - is for Yawm-id-Deen (Day of Judgement)

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